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Special Agent A. Michael Walker.

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Name:Agent A. Michael Walker
Birthdate:Oct 21

Special Agent Aleron Michael WalkerInformation
Occupation: FBI Agent
Age: 27
Preferred Firearm: Colt .45 1911
Height: 6'
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Specialties: Tech and Profiling
Family: Jonathan Walker - Father
Seraphina Mary Walker(19)-Sister
Xanthia Agnes Walker(19)-Sister
Lysander Gabriel Walker(15)-Brother
PB: Chad Michael Murray

Technology: Michael is very into creating and inventing objects. One item he had a hand in creating with the Bureau is ARI (Added Reality Interface) which utilizes the augmented reality. Only a few agents were allowed to test the device, and being a creator he is one of them. Unfortunately, the device is a little addictive and has been known to drive some agents testing to a drug to kill the pain. (This is taken from Heavy Rain. I do not own the rights to this idea.)

Personality: First of all, he prefers to be called Michael and rarely gives out his first name. He's eccentric, excitable, and enjoys getting into trouble. If you asked him why he wanted to join the FBI he would say “chicks dig the badge”. Unfortunately his technique is lacking and he is more often shot down than he gets to go on a date. Michael is laid back and easy going about most things. Growing up the 'nerd' he did his best to detach himself from that label. Too bad he went over board. All around he's a great guy, super intelligent and refuses to give up. It's getting past the first impression that's the hard part. After all, his graduating class kindly dubbed him Mayhem as a codename on his way out.

Notes:This is an original character. There will be strong influence from the game Heavy Rain but no direct tie into the events of it.

His mom was from Italy and a devout Catholic (mostly), kindly leaving him and his siblings with strange Latin and Saint names before she packed up and left them with his father. Being the eldest, he helped raise his three younger siblings and take care of his father who is chronically ill. This also meant he always worked as long as he was old enough to pay his own way and send a little home.

Being top of his class, he was the kid that loved to take things apart and put them back together. Only, he liked to improve them as best he could. It only got better when he won a scholarship through a science fair to MIT. It's there he exercised all the joys of college. Namely Frat parties. He was a regular “Dennis the Menace” and the Dean was ready to throw him out on his ear. Only the guy was good at covering his tracks and his grades were flawless. That's probably why the FBI came for him. Because Michael really had no pull to be anywhere, he went. It meant steady income that he could send home.

Only, as he worked his way up and graduated, the Bureau decided he was a bit of a loose cannon. He's too willing to make risks and bends the rules too often. Michael is brilliant enough to have his own team of agents... but due to actions and fear of the collateral he could cause, the Bureau has never promoted him over the rank of Special Agent and turned him down once for the rank of Senior Special Agent. Now he's sent on smaller jobs in order to keep him under control and out of trouble.
Notes And Verses

Disclaimer:This journal is for roleplaying purposes. Chad Michael Murray doesn't belong to me.
Note:Mun and Character are both over 18.




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